New Job

So a few weeks ago, my Heathcliff started his new job.  At first, it was incredibly difficult but now he loves it!  Getting out of the military was the best thing he could possibly have done.  I think that the false sense of structure of the military is daunting for an Aspie and my Heathcliff could never figure out why people were inconsistent about rule following.  

His new job is so much better!  Although he works a longer day and makes less money, he is so much happier.  He is also thrilled to no longer adhere to the military’s “pajama” dress code;)

Thanks to dudeimanaspie for what I call the “Aspie Bubble”
If only this showed the Aspie in his bubble and his NT wife trying to hug the bubble…

Thanks to dudeimanaspie for what I call the “Aspie Bubble”

If only this showed the Aspie in his bubble and his NT wife trying to hug the bubble…

Recent Events

Hello Everyone!  Sorry to have taken so long to write here.  Today, we had a snow day and I didn’t have to go to work, so I have a bit more time.  Anyhow, here is what has happened recently.

1. My Aspie husband found a new job and of course along with that means he has a new special interest.  In spite of this new job, he is still looking for other opportunities.  This new position is accompanied with a bit of a pay cut and he does NOT like that….

2. His new special interest is actually something I can get on board with: green energy, organic farming, and a more sparse living.  Although I do love shopping, I feel close to this new interest and could not be happier with this!

3. I had a really really bad few days at work recently. Without going into too much detail, there were rumours that someone was infatuated with me.  My Heathcliff was insanely angry and ended up breaking his toe in his rush around the house…  He ended up making my life even more difficult by his “predictory” nature…. This combined with my immense stress made this weekend very difficult, but since, things have gotten much easier.

4. Heathcliff has become accustomed to his label of Aspergers (just as the DSM V is changing things around…) but is also doing a nice job of dealing with it.  

YAY for updates!  I’ll try to get to it more often!


Animal song: Children with autism are adept at remembering which animal prefers a certain melody. They’re also better than controls at hearing a 25-cent difference in pitch (click below to listen).

Children with autism are better than controls at remembering melodies and detecting differences in pitch, according to a study published 13 November in Autism1.

People with autism may have trouble perceiving emotion, but they do have an emotional response to music — even if they can’t express it, according to some studies.

They may also have better pitch perception than controls do. According to one parent-report study, people with autism are about 500 times more likely than the general population to have absolute pitch — a savant-like skill that allows an individual to classify pitch completely out of context.

This affinity with music suggests that music could be incorporated into autism therapies, the researchers say.

In the new study, researchers looked at pitch perception in 25 children with autism and 25 typically developing children between 7 and 13 years of age. Two children in each group had played piano or had been in a band.

The children listened to pairs of single notes that were either identical or differed by 25, 35 or 45 cents — a measure of pitch. (There are 1,200 cents in an octave.) The children also listened to short melodies in which a note of the second bar occasionally varied in pitch.

Overall, children with autism are better able than controls to detect differences in pitch, the study found. These differences are statistically significant for 45-cent variations in single notes and for the 25- and 35-cent differences in melodies.

Children with autism are better than controls at detecting pitch in melodies than in single notes, suggesting an enhanced ability to detect patterns, the researchers say. Studies have shown a similar skill with visual patterns in people with the disorder.

The children also played a computer game designed to help them memorize which of four animals prefers one of four melodies, each in a different key. One week later, the children listened to these melodies again and tried to identify the associated animal.

Children with autism are better than controls at remembering the melodies, the study found. What’s more, eight children with autism, but only two controls, correctly identified at least 15 of the 16 melodies. One 8-year-old boy with autism who was fidgety and appeared not to be paying attention had a perfect score, the researchers note.

Of the 25 children with autism, 14 have an aversion to loud sounds, according to their parents. These children do not have better pitch perception than the other children with the disorder, the study found.

1: Stanutz S. et al. Autism Epub ahead of print (2012) PubMed

(Source: aspergersissues)

I’m pretty sure this is how my husband feels all the time…

I’m pretty sure this is how my husband feels all the time…

One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that.

Joseph Campbell (via thelearningbrain)

(Source: thelearningbrain)

Thanksgiving Stress

Well, tonight we had quite a few guests over for Thanksgiving but I was impressed at how well my Heathcliff handled everything.  One of the guests complained that Heathcliff forgot to make gravy.  Then, he couldn’t find the giblets in the turkey, and THEN, as if all of that criticism wasn’t enough to send his Aspie soul over the edge, someone complained about the way he was washing the dishes.  Heathcliff looked at me and said “I am definitely in the Orange Zone.” So I left him alone with the dishes for a while and then he regulated himself!!!  I was so proud!!!

It turned out to be a fantastic Thanksgiving!  One of our best yet!

Job Hunting

This website is a great reminder to my husband who is currently looking for a position in the finance industry, that Aspies are extremely valuable employees!

Too Funny!!

Too Funny!!

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